Personal Information Collection Policy

Article of Personal Information Collected and Method of Collection

(1) Personal Information We Collect
ич We collect the personal information below during the first registration and use of service to be used for registration, proper player support, and various service provisions.
- User Name
иш For services that doesn't have a separate agreement procedure on article 1, we do not collect required, optional information.
ищ During use of service and business data process, information such as below are created and may be collected.
- User Mobile Phone Information (Model Name, OS Version, Mobile Firmware Version, Device Identification Number, etc.)
- Access Date, Use of Service Record, Illegal Activity Record, etc.
иъ Information that is necessary for procedures such as purchase transactions during Free/Charged service usage (Compensation and Refund etc.)
- E-mail address, Purchase details confirmation information, Real name and family relations evidence to be used for confirmation that the purchase was transacted by someone else, not yourself

(2) Personal Information Collection Method: The Company collects personal information through the following methods.
- Collected through the agreement consent procedure during registration on Company service
- For promotions and events, information is collected through a separate agreement procedure
- Automatically collected through Company's third party service platform
- During service registration and customer support, information voluntarily given by the user to the Company and required information will be requested before being collected

Collecting Personal Information and Usage Purpose

(1) The Company uses the collected user information for purposes such as below.
ич To ensure proper communication of notices and complains, etc. between the Company and user
иш To offer customer services such as managing inquiries about usage of charged information and managing conflict on fulfillment of contract, transaction refund, etc.
ищ To supply notice on new services and newly arrived product event informations
иъ To offer various contents and certification service (find ID/PW etc.)

Period of Personal Information possession and usage

(1) As a rule, the Company preserves the user's personal information upon registration until the user has deleted his/her account. After the user has deleted his/her account or the purpose of the collection and usage of personal information are fulfilled, the relevant informations are deleted immediately. However, upon the Terms and Conditions and Internal Policies, the Company preserves the user's personal information for 3 months to prevent illegal usage and after 3 months, the user's personal information is completely deleted.
(2) Even after the purpose of collecting or provided purpose are fulfilled, if there is a need to preserve information due to commercial law and legislation, and a reason to protect information due to Company policy and other related statutes, the Company preserves user's personal information for the time period set by the related statute. In this case, the Company uses the preserved information only for the purpose of information preserved and the period preserved are as below.
- Record about contract or withdrawal of subscription etc.
(Reason for Preservation : Law related to consumer protection on electronic commerce etc, Preservation Period : 5 years)
- Record about payment and supply of goods, etc.
(Reason for Perservation : Law related to consumer protection on electronic commerce etc, Preservation Period : 5 years)
- Record about consumer complaints or settlement of disputes
(Reason for Perservation : Law related to consumer protection on electronic commerce etc, Preservation Period : 3 years)
- Record about Personal Authentication
(Reason for Preservation : Law related to information network system and information protection etc, Preservation Period : 6 months)
- Record about visit : Log-in history, use of service history etc.
(Reason for Preservation : Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Preservation Period : 3 months)
(3) In relations to article 2, if the user requests to open and view his/her preserved personal information, the Company immediately takes action to let the user view and check the desired information.